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How to Use PS4 Remote Play Application?

PS4 Remote Play is an application developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Android and iOS platforms. It allows users to remotely connect to their PS4 gaming consoles and play games on their mobile devices. The app is available for download in applicaiton stores for Android and iOS. Application Remote Play PS4 download PC has an elegant interface.

It is very simple and easy to use. Software product has a list of functions like "Headset", "Friends", "Settings", "Online Play", "Profile". "Headset" connects player with game and "Friends" connects player with other players. "Settings" function sets player's preferences "Online" function sets up users access to PS4 Remote Play Network. "Profile" function sets up users profile "My Library" function sets up player's library of games. "My Library" function is the best function of app because it has lists of games and movies that the player can play.


Interface of application is clean and easy to navigate. Software PlayStation Remote Play has three tabs, which are Basic Information, Game Information, and Other Information. Basic Information tab includes name of application, version, operating system, file size, version of OS. This tab includes languages that software supports. Game Information tab displays games that are currently on Remote Play PS4, including their name, trophies, users online, trophies earned. Software has a tab for Other Information that displays the option for broadcasting and viewing broadcasts within the application.


Software is easy to use for most part. User can use application PS4 Remote Play PC with a single hand and navigate through menus without any difficulties. Supports use of touch screen, so user can easily use the app with their fingers. Application is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Producthas a very simple interface and user doesn't need any instructions on how to use the app. Software is easy to use, player just needs to connect to Internet and then to "My Library" function and player will see all the games and movies that user has.


Product is currently in beta, so there are some features that are not yet available. User can chat with their friends and play games remotely. Includes a remote open history, remote play schedule. Application PS4 Remote Play download is very simple and easy to operate. Player just needs connect to Internet and then player will be able to open game or movie. Player can play game or movie on PlayStation Vita, user does not need to be near the console to use game. Software is very useful and the player can use it anywhere as long as person is connected to the Internet.


Application PS4 remote Play Windows 10 is in beta and does not offer any kind of customer service. User can contact Sony Interactive Entertainment if they have any questions or problems with application. User can contact company through PlayStation Network. Software has a good amount of support. There are a lot of people who have played game or watched a movie with app. Product is great way to use soft or watch a movie on go.


  • Can I control my PS4 remotely with my Android device?
    Yes, you can do so by downloading PS4 Remote Play App from Google Store.
  • What is PS4 Remote Play app?
    App is an easy way to connect to your PS4 from your Android device over Wi-Fi.
  • Will my Mac need a PlayStation®4 system attached?
    No, though it will require a DUALSHOCK®4 controller connected to the Mac.


In conclusion, Remote Play PS4 download is great for the player to use game or watch a movie on the go. The app is very easy to use, player does not need instructions on how to use soft. The app is easy to understand with a very simple interface. The app has a good amount of support because a lot of people have played product or watched a movie with the app.

Install PS4 Remote Play on Windows PC

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